What is ZM-Grow™? 

A unique, premium foliar fertiliser made from recycled alkaline batteries

ZM-Grow™ is a premium zinc and manganese foliar fertiliser.

Developed by Tracegrow, Finland, it is the world’s most ecological fertiliser product on the market.

​The metals are extracted from used alkaline batteries and purified to produce a clean, safe, adaptable foliar fertiliser, which increases yield while enriching the nutrient content of crops. 


ZM-Grow has been certified for organic use in the UK, approved for use as an organic fertiliser under EU legislation, and is now approved as an input for Organic Production by NASAA here in Australia.


The product is a liquid compound, comprised of Zinc, Manganese, along with Potassium and Sulphur, nutrients that are critical for plant growth and nutrition.

The Product has performed beyond expectations in field tests.

ZM-Grow Specifications 


Zn 60 g/l (4,4%)

Mn 67 g/l (4,9%)

S 75 g/l (5,4%)


2-3l of ZM-Grow™ + 200l of water per hectare. 
Use 300-400 litres of water if conditions are very hot.

ZM-Grow's Circle of Battery Life

Our goal is to minimize the exploitation of our planet’s limited resources by reusing them wisely and for as long as possible.

The Earth needs to be ecologically balanced for the future of mankind. We think that’s a good enough reason for anyone to believe in sustainability.

2 November, 2020

We are Certified Organic!

ZM-Grow is certified in accordance with NASAA Organic and Biodynamic Standard (NOS) and holds a status of "Input for Organic Amendments Production" in Australia.


Using Alkaline Batteries As Raw Material For Fertilisers 

Alkaline batteries contain high amounts of zinc and manganese, around 50% of their weight. Both micronutrients are important for plant nutrition, making batteries a viable and widely available source of micronutrients. 


ZM-Grow Trials

The Product has been tested in Finland, England, Italy, the USA, and other countries with good yield increases, and positive feedback from farmers. 

Has thus far been tested for wheat, oats, barley, grass, corn,

citrus, avocado, cotton, tomato, and potato.


ZM-Grow User Instructions

1. Shake the container well: after long storage times, there might be some sedimentation which dissolves with mixing in warm conditions.

2. First, do a bucket-sized mixing experiment combining ZM-Grow™, water, (...)


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