The Product has been tested in Finland, England, Italy, the USA, and other countries with good yield increases, and positive feedback from farmers.

ZM-Grow features: 

  • Good mixing properties

  • Does not block spraying nozzles

  • Competitive price

  • Ecological circular economy product

  • Has thus far been tested for wheat, oats, barley, grass, corn,

    citrus, avocado, cotton, tomato, and potato

  • In spring 2020 more tests shall be ordered for many other popular species, like winegrapes and rice



Barley Fields

Scotland           Norman Ogg Farms           Oct 2019

Actual-sized field test, over 250ha treated.

Applied once with one fungicide, 200l/ha of water. 




California            Bisarbi Ag            Aug 2018

Small field test. Test areas sprayed with backpack mist blower, 900l/ha of water, 4 replicates. ZM-Grow™ and competing product were used with surfactants, following California rules for fruit trees.

100mg/kg dry matter



Stalks of Wheat

Finland      Nylands Svenska Lantbruksforening      Nov 2017

Small field test for 10m² areas, 4 replicates.

Sprayed with tractor,  200l/ha water. Very hot summer decreased yields. 



Fresh Corn

Italy                        Landlab                    Sep 2019

Research facility test. Grown in nutrient free Saharan sand to exclude other micronutrient sources. Applied twice: first application with 300l/ha of water, second application with 500l/ha of water. Number of replicates 7 (4 plants each). 

190 cob biomass (g)



Wet grass

Finland           Maalahti August           2017

Small field test. Sprayed one week before mowing. Applied once with 200l/ha of water.

100mg/kg dry matter



About ZM-Grow

ZM-Grow™ is a premium zinc and manganese foliar fertiliser.

Developed by Tracegrow, Finland, it is the world’s most ecological fertiliser product on the market.


Short comparison of ZM-Grow solution and chelated fertilisers ​

This white paper describes the difference between foliar sulphate fertiliser ZM-Grow and foliar chelated fertilisers.

Sulphate and chelate based fertilisers are commonly used in foliar fertilisation. Both are completely water soluble, and (...)


Short comparison of ZM-Grow solution and carbonate/oxide suspensions 

This white paper describes the differences between foliar sulphate fertiliser ZM-Grow and foliar carbonate and oxide fertilisers.
ZM-Grow is a 100% sulphate solution, where the micronutrients are completely dissolved into water as sulphates (ZnSO4, MnSO4). Foliar fertilisers (...)


Soil Conditions And Micronutrients

Macronutrient fertilisers (NPK-fertilisers) are commonly given to plants as soil-added granules. The granules slowly break down in the soil, and the nutrients are absorbed through the plant’s roots.

With micronutrients, such as zinc and manganese, application through the soil can be affected by various soil conditions.


ZM-Grow User Instructions

1. Shake the container well: after long storage times, there might be some sedimentation which dissolves with mixing in warm conditions.

2. First, do a bucket-sized mixing experiment combining ZM-Grow™, water, (...)



Hungary           Komarom           Aug 2018 

Actual-sized field test.

0.5 ha was sprayed, 200l/ha of water.

160 mg/kg dry matter



Using Alkaline Batteries As Raw Material For Fertilisers 

Alkaline batteries contain high amounts of zinc and manganese, around 50% of their weight. Both micronutrients are important for plant nutrition, making batteries a viable and widely available source of micronutrients. 


Pile of Avocados

California       Holden research and consulting       Jul 2018 

Small field test.

2 trees/area, 4 replicates. 

80 mg/kg dry matter



Cotton Field

California          Sawtooth Ag Research          Aug 2018

Small field test.

2rows, 8m/row, 4 replicates.

Treatment done with backpack mist blower, 225 l/ha of water.

200 mg/kg dry matter


Field Tomato

Cherry Tomatos

California             Sawtooth Ag Research             Jul 2018

Small field test.

2 rows, 6m/row, 4 replicates.

Backpack mist blower, 560 l/ha water.

200 mg/kg dry matter


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