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About Renutriens



We at ReNutrients have a passion for our land and a genuine interest in solving climate and agricultural issues in Australia.

After many conversations on topics including; drought, soil deficiencies and pollution, we developed a passion for cleantech and smart farming technologies. This eventually became our personal call to action and ReNutrients was born. 


We are an Australian business, specialising in renewable, sustainable fertilisers and nutrients for the agricultural industry, giving farmers and producers alternatives to typical chemical supplements.


Our aim is to become the leading supplier of innovative, sustainable, cleantech farming products in Australia and to be an active member of the agricultural community, supporting our farmers while contributing positively to the Australian industry.


We are committed to offering our customers, innovative products to enrich and boost their crop growth or produce yield, while increasing revenues, protecting our planet's natural resources, and reducing pollutants.




ReNutrients seek to partner with innovative companies, with sustainable products that will positively impact the agricultural industry in Australia. 


Our initial offering stems from our proud partnership with Tracegrow, Finland. We are the exclusive distributor for ZM-Grow by Tracegrow, Finland, a revolutionary new organic micronutrient fertiliser made by recycling and purifying used Alkaline batteries.

ZM-Grow is the world’s most effective, ecological zinc and manganese-based micronutrient product, which improves crop yields and reduces the risk of malnourishment of both humans and livestock.


Our goal is to establish a manufacturing plant for ZM-Grow
and other recycled products here in Queensland, Australia.


This is our commitment to reducing the impact on the environment, resources, and community by recycling alkaline batteries and other minerals otherwise disposed of in landfill. 

Whether you are a farmer, distributor, producer, or local government agency, we are ready to work together for the benefit of our country.

Hands in the Soil


About ZM-Grow

ZM-Grow™ is a premium zinc and manganese foliar fertiliser.

Developed by Tracegrow, Finland, it is the world’s most ecological fertiliser product on the market.

2 November, 2020

We are Certified Organic!

ZM-Grow is certified in accordance with NASAA Organic and Biodynamic Standard (NOS) and holds a status of "Input for Organic Amendments Production" in Australia.


Hello Distributor

We are looking for you. Sell premium fertilisers with us and become a part of the circular economy.

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