We are a NASAA Certified Licensee 

ZM-Grow is certified in accordance with NASAA Organic and Biodynamic Standard (NOS) and holds a status of "Input for Organic Amendments Production" in Australia.




Certified in accordance with NASAA Organic and Biodynamic Standard

Accreditor: IOAS (Reg.#11) - ISO/IEC 17065

Scope: Handling

Valid Until Date: 30 Sep 2021

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What makes a product Certified Organic?

If it is not Certified Organic, you can’t be sure it is organic. 


Formal organic certification of organic products is the producer’s guarantee to consumers that along the entire supply chain, a Certified Organic product has been produced in line with the strict national and industry Organic and Biodynamic Standards. 


NASAA Certified Organic maintains a register of all suspended/withdrawn and decertified operators for the public record which is located on the Operator Search Page.

When you see the NASAA Organic Label on a product, you can be sure that it is certified to the highest standard available in Australia (and to one of the most respected standards in the world). It is your guarantee that the organic integrity of that product has been third-party verified.


OISCC (Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council) manages Australia’s organic industry National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce on behalf of the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture.

— National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia  (NASAA Organic)

What is organic certification?

Explore: organic legislation and policy framework in Australia 

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Sulphate based

Competitive price

Maximum absorption

NASAA certified organic

Doesn’t clog spraying nozzles

Multiple elements in one product 

Proven increased yields and enriched crops 

Superior mixability with other spray products

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