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ReNutrients signs an exclusive agreement for Australia and New Zealand with Tracegrow, Finland.

Mikko Joensuu, CEO of Tracegrow shakes hands with Brett Smuts, Managing Director of ReNutrients

ReNutrients are pleased to announce its new

distribution partnership with Tracegrow.

The partnership will see ReNutrients exclusively market and distribute Tracegrow's portfolio of circular economy based foliar fertilisers in Australia and New Zealand.

“We are very pleased to welcome ZM-Grow™ to our product portfolio,” says Brett Smuts, Managing Director of ReNutrients. “This is an exciting opportunity to be able to offer the world’s most ecological, renewable micronutrient fertiliser in Australia and New Zealand, giving farmers alternatives to typical chemical supplements. We are committed to offering our customers innovative products to boost their crop growth and revenues while protecting our planets natural resources.”

Tracegrow’s unique foliar fertiliser products are based in a circular economy. ZM-Grow™ is a premium zinc and manganese foliar fertiliser. The metals are extracted from used alkaline batteries, and purified to produce a clean, safe, adaptable foliar fertiliser which increases yield while enriching nutrient content of crops.

“We believe farmers in Australia and New Zealand are realizing the need to replenish nutrients Zinc, Manganese and others to increase yields with a positive effect on the environment. ZM-Grow offers this in a sustainable and effective way, and is certified for organic use”, says Brett Smuts, Managing Director of ReNutrients Pty Ltd.

“We are very impressed with ReNutrients experience and business potential for both of the parties, since agriculture in Australia is very massive business sector indeed. I believe that by working together with ReNutrients, the target market in Oceania can grow to be the largest export market for Tracegrow”, says Timo Jauhiainen, Tracegrow Chief Commercial Officer.


About ReNutrients PTY Ltd.

We are an Australian business, specializing in renewable, sustainable, organic fertilisers and nutrients for the agricultural industry, giving farmers and producers alternatives to typical chemical supplements. Our aim is to become the leading supplier of innovative, sustainable, cleantech farming products in Australia and to be an active member of the agricultural community, supporting our farmers while contributing positively to Australian industry. We are committed to offering our customers, innovative products to enrich and boost their crop growth or produce yield, while increasing revenues, protecting our planet's natural resources and reducing pollutants.

About Tracegrow Ltd.

Tracegrow Ltd goals are to minimize the exploitation of our planet’s limited resources by reusing them wisely and for as long as possible.

Tracegrow manufactures organic fertiliser out of micronutrients extracted and purified from used alkaline batteries. It all comes down to sustainability. Without sustainability things like the Earth won’t sustain, as in we won’t have them anymore after a while. We think that’s a good enough reason for anyone to believe in sustainability.

The company is privately owned and headquartered in Kärsämäki, Finland.

To learn more, visit


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