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Landed, Loaded and Farm Trials

It’s been a busy few months at ReNutrients. 

Our first shipment finally arrived in June and just in time we landed our warehouse in Nerang.

Luckily for us, the driveway was wide enough and with a little help from our neighbours we managed to unload the ICBs and get them into our warehouse.

Since then we have been busy getting our product out to those customers that pre-ordered.

We’ve also had an overwhelming amount of interest from farmers across the country and in response, we’ve been super busy getting samples out for farmers to trial on their crops.

Although we have multiple successful trial results across many crops and countries around the world, there is no better example for our Aussie farmers than seeing the results for themselves.

We are confident this will be the case here in Australia, so if you are a farmer or distributor, join the hundreds already trailing ZM-Grow, drop us a line and we’ll get you a sample sent to trial for yourself.


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